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"Most compassionate and caring Dentist. He did my entire lower jaw in 2005 and I love it. Changed my life. He's the best! See ya soon Doc. Thanks again."
-Ann Schultz

"Great staff! Efficient and thorough. Dr K is always around to say Hi. Everyone remembers you by name. Awesome place to go for your dental needs!"
-Linda Irvine

"I’ve been going to dr Kargodorian for over 20years never a bad experience love it!"
-Adolfo Jimenez

"Dr Kargodorian is always a pleasure to visit. Yes I get cleanings regularly and those should be pleasurable, but this comment applies to visits for root canals, crowns, and fillings. Yes, I abused my teeth in the past but he helped eliminate every single issue I caused with my crazy history. I was referred by my wife when we first met and it snowballed from there. Now everyone I know goes here and everyone is super happy with this team!"
-Art Oz

"Let's face work is not pleasant. Dr. Kargodorian is the best at keeping me calm and pain free. The entire staff is efficient, friendly and excellent at what they do. I highly recommend this office for dental work!"
-Darlene Beardsley

"My husband and I have been going to Dr Kargodorian for several years now and we absolutely love it for several reasons:
- Very respectful, accommodating, courteous and helpful staff. Our schedules are pretty busy but they find a way to accommodate.
- No wait time when you have an appointment
- Dr is very nice and gets to know his customers; makes us feel very comfortable
- All staff members work cohesively together to accommodate patients.
- Always does an outstanding and thorough job. My husband got his braces done at a later age and he was promised a short duration to have them on; that duration was spot on. I got veneers done and no one can tell that I have them; and that's the best result you can get.
I will continue to make referrals for Dr. K. Dentist BUSINESS offices are all over but you can rarely find Great personal Doctors these days. DR. Kargodorian is a great personal doctor that I highly recommend."
-Grace Saleh

"I have been going to see Dr Kargodorian for about 8/9 years now and I wouldn't go anywhere else ever!!! The staff is very friendly, helpful, and caring. The first time I came to see Dr K I had all my previous fillings (done by another dentist) re done because they were causing me pain. He re-did them, and have not had any issues since. He is an expert, and does his best work every time. In simple words: he cares!
Whenever I've had small pains or concerns I've always been able to call and reach him, or come in as soon as possible. I use to have a terrible phobia with dentist as a child, and since going to Dr. k that fear has resolved.
He and along with the staff are like family, and I tell all my friends and family to visit them.
-Jessica Mena

"For all of you out there that have a fear of dentists.....your fears will be alleviated when you visit Dr. Kargodorian. You'll feel instantly relaxed by the doctor's easy manner. It's not just the doctor who has an easy manner, his entire staff are like "old friends".
My teeth and my smile left a lot to be desired. Dr. Kargodorian gave me my smile back and did it in only two appointments!!! I can't believe the difference. It's amazing! My co-workers noticed my new smile immediately and it certainly gave me a confidence boost. Do yourself a favor and check out the aptly named Kargodorian Smile Design Institute. You won't be able to wipe the smile off your face!"
-Suzann Murphy

"I love this place! I hadn't visited a dentist for years, a decade or more is more accurate, for my fear of the dentist and just horrible previous experiences. But then i found Dr Kargodorian. Every visit has been pleasant, whether I'm doing a cleaning, root canal or fill. Once you get over the fear of being at the Dentist, you realize its not that bad, I can honestly say that the pain was very minimal. The entire staff is just is amazing and great at they're job. They all work very well together, very friendly and welcoming environment. They all take the time to explain every thing they're doing or why they need to do what they're going to do, to put you at ease and to reassure that your getting the best treatment done to help keep your teeth healthy. I will continue to keep coming here and recommending this dentist to everyone, Its the best dental experience you can have! Thank you Dr Kargodorian, I can now drink without a straw, drink cold drink, and chew with my right side again! lol"
-Hugo N Erika Ramirez


"Its not fun to go to Dentist!!Having said that - all I can say is going to Dr Kargodorian has been way less painful for my Family and me. Precisely why none of us has seen anyone else since 1995.He and his excellent staff have been able to take care of all our Dental Issues without us seeking any outside opinion.I highly recommend him."
-Amin Badrudin

"I have has two wonderful visits in the past month (I'm a new patient). My friend had been singing high praises regarding her dentist and his staff, so when I needed to look for a dentist, she provided a great reference. The staff is friendly and very professional. Wishing I had gone here sooner."
-Tanya Nelson